Technical characteristics

Machine Version
1. American configuration, North American version (120VAC/60Hz)
2. European configuration, International version (230VAC/50Hz)
Machine Color: Piano white (main) + black (display)
Heating System: Double boilers
Power: 2200W 220V-240V 50Hz
Screen: 10.1 inches
Coffee outlet adjustment height range: 135mm—145mm
Maximum Pump Pressure: 4.0Bar (maximum pressure of gear pump)
The Default Cup Size: 1.5 o.z (Italian) / 6.5 o.z (Long Italian) / 10 o.z (other drinks)
The Default Coffee Strength: Strong for Italian, Long Italian / Normal for other drinks
Coffee Quantity Levels: Italian (1/1.5/2 o.z), Long Italian (5/6.5/8 o.z), other beverages (8/10/12 o.z)
Bean Storage Capacity: 0.8KG
Powder Storage Capacity: About 2L
The exposed length of the power cord: About 1.8m
Machine Body Material: ABS + sheet metal spray (food grade)
Drink making time: About 60S
Dimensions (W×H×D): 460×653×560 mm

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