Core features

WOW – Ice cubes in your coffee & drinks

The biggest novelty, not only for Cyprus but also for Europe is that our machines can make your favorite iced coffee. With iVC vending machines, Freddo Espresso, Freddo Cappucino, Ice Latte, Ice Tea, Ice Americano, are within reach of your hand.


Close loop and coins free purchasing

With multi payment system, you no longer have to worry if you have no coin or bills with you. With your company RFID card (where applicable), debit or credit card you can stay calm that there is a way to get your favorite coffee all day round.


Bean to cup coffee

Fresh roasted LAVAZZA beans which are grinded and brewed for the best quality espresso.


High quality instant drinks

IVC instant drinks are not made with no name, low quality raw materials. We use the best, most loved and preferred instant drinks of the island!


Customer friendly, easy to use software

Highly reliable and customer friendly software allows selecting and purchasing with a few touches on the screen.


Fidelity cards and rewards

Do you love your employees or customers? Do you want to offer them rewards, subsidize their coffee or just offer a thank you drink. We are there for you to organize it!


High resolution +32’’ touch screen

IVC coffee vending machine will have you mesmerized with their HDTV fully colored screen.


Μanagement and leasing/purchasing options

You can buy or rent a vending machine. Please check our services page.


Zero administrative burden

Our team will clean and fill your vending machine and provide full technical support.



Full range of services to meet

Customer satisfaction

Ivending Coffee registers its Trade Mark in the European Union!

Following the registration of our Trade Mark in Cyprus, we have registered our Trade Mark in the European Union in order to protect our rights!

 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all aNswers here if you need them

iVC coffee vending machines offer premium-quality iced and hot coffee, similar to those extracted from the best espresso machines.

First, we choose the best quality of coffee beans.

Then we produce our own water, through a reverse osmosis filter and remineralization process.

As the Italians say, good water makes good coffee.

Then our espresso-based drinks follow a quantity and time-accurate bean grinding process, followed by brewing in the just temperature.

Excellent beans, fine water and mechanical accuracy are iVC’s secrets for the perfect premium coffee.

iVC coffee vending machines are user-friendly and accept cashless electronic payments and coins.

They are equipped with safe cutting edge technology in payment systems, accepting all modes

of cashless electronic payments, Debit or credit cards, NFC and RFID cards, magnetic keys and several wallet types.

They also support ApplePay, Samsung pay, AliPay and WeChat pay.

Our machines can serve up to 20 different types of premium brand iced, cold or hot drinks. It’s  a sophisticated coffee shops, working around you 24/7 offering always the same high quality coffee and drinks.

Possible combinations depend on the selected drinks and the availability of raw material slots.

iVC vending machines are installed and operated without any charge.

However, upon demand of a client, they can be available for sale or rent and servicing.

You can advertise your business to thousands of customers in several locations on Cyprus, through our iVC machines!!

The 32″ screen of our machines is the perfect tool for your Out of Home media strategy to advertise your company.

Our screen can play your advertisement spot or viewing to customers purchasing our drinks or bystanders.

You can contact our office for more information.

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