Freddo Espresso, Freddo Cappuccino, Iced and Hot Cappuccino Caramel, Creme Brulé and other drinks!
1Freddo Espresso
Freddo Espresso
The freddo is a Greek beverage that's been sipped for decades Freddo Espresso is the cold version of espresso coffee, made with a double shot of espresso coffee mixed in a mixer with ice cubes.
Freddo Cappuccino
Freddo Cappuccino
It's an iced coffee drink made from fresh espresso and milk, and it combines the refreshment of a cold coffee with the robust flavor of a double espresso with a layer of cold foamy milk.
Hot Cappuccino Caramel
Cappuccino Caramel
Best seller flavor coffee full of taste and aroma.
1Ice Chocolate
Rich flavor with 30% Vanhouten chocolate.
cremme bulle
Creme Brulee
Rich custard base topped with a layer of hardened caramelized sugar.
Ice Mocha
A mocha is essentially a latte with chocolate. Traditionally, a mocha consists of one shot of espresso, hot frothed milk, and chocolate, which can be in the form of chocolate syrup, melted chocolate, cocoa powder, or some other type of chocolate.
Hot Cappuccino
A cappuccino is the perfect balance of espresso, steamed milk and foam. This coffee is all about the structure and the even splitting of all elements into equal thirds. An expertly made cappuccino should be rich, but not acidic and have a mildly sweet flavoring from the milk.
Hot Latte Machiato
Latte Macchiato
Latte Macchiato literally means spotted milk in Italian. The hot milk and creamy milk foam are imbued with the delicious flavor of coffee for a spectacular, sumptuous result.
Ice Americano
Ice Americano
An Iced Americano is a cold drink made with ice, espresso, and chilled water. It's the iced version of an Americano, which is made with just espresso and hot water. If it's made with any other kind of coffee, it's no longer an Iced Americano.
Ice Latte
Ice Latte
Smooth and refreshing, the iced latte combines espresso, milk, ice cubes and a flavored syrup if you like. It's sort of a middle ground between the plain iced coffee and the decadent Frappuccino.
Double Espresso
Double Espresso
Espresso is a coffee-brewing method of Italian origin, in which a small amount of nearly boiling water is forced under 9–10 bars of pressure through finely-ground coffee beans.
Nescafe Frappe
The name frappé comes from French, where it describes drinks chilled with ice. A representative of the Nestlé company, Giannis Dritsas, was exhibiting a new product for children, a chocolate beverage produced instantly by mixing it with milk and shaking it in a shaker. Greek frappe coffee is an iced coffee made using instant coffee Nescafe and water, that has been shaken to produce a foamy, and refreshing drink. You can add ice cubes after beating the coffee and also sugar and milk, according to preference.
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