Targeted Audience
The specific audience can be targeted based on the location of the vending machines such as professionals or youth.

Out of the box
Branding on Vending Machine is a clutter free & innovative advertising medium which brings your brand closer to customers.

Engaging Medium
Vending Machine Branding offers you the brand exposure of minimum 2-3 minutes, that no other medium can provide.

High recall
Highly attractive graphics on wraps of vending machine cannot be ignored by the consumers and generates higher recall rate

Display Screen Advertising

This is a side product of the new smart vending machine. In addition to being able to better interact with users, the display screens on smart vending machines also have considerable advertising value. These include video advertising and image advertising.

As the most vivid form of advertising, video advertising can provide clients with custom-broadcast solutions. At the same time, interactive video ads can increase user participation and achieve more in-depth marketing results.

Image advertising is the best partner for video advertising. Beautiful promotional images are the best complement to video.

Mobile Payment Advertising

It is the derivative of mobile payment of smart vending machine. When customers purchase goods from vending machines, if they choose to pay through mobile phones, the ads for the selected product or operator will appear on the phone page where the payment is finished. The recommended activities can further expand the customer’s participation in consumption.

Advertising further tapped the value of offline traffic and expanded the profitability model of vending machines.

In 2016, China’s largest vending machine operator realized revenue of 1.5 billion RMB. The gross profit of 48% was higher than in most convenience stores. 280 million RMB of them was advertisement display revenue and this form of revenue continues to rise. The company’s leaders once put forward the future profit model of the company in their vision for the future: 20% from the retail, 30% from advertising, and 50% from e-commerce.

It was observed that 32-inch LCD touch screens installed at each sales terminal played real-time sales advertisements of retailers and operators. This would achieve the purpose of direct sales through the ads. For example, Pepsi stimulates users to buy its products directly by advertising on the vending machine screen. The charging method can be based on the frequency of the broadcast, or it can be linked to goods display.

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